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Spring Into Activewear with Varley

Monday, Apr 02, 2018

spring into activewear main image

When getting ready for Summer new Spring activewear is the perfect way to stay motivated! Varley is a brand we have loved for a while now and we bet you’ll love them just as much. This Spring we want you to be prepared for yoga, barre, high intensity workouts and everything in between. From every type of workout class to running errands Varley has you covered!


Yep that’s right your workout wardrobe is getting a Varley makeover! Varley has a few different legging materials and their sport bras have different levels of support; we will explain as we go!

 tana herringbone varley look


Shop Tana's Look: Sports Bra // Leggings **COMING SOON TO SITE**

Tana is rocking the Gale sports bra and Bates legging! The Gale sports bra offers a medium support plus the black band offers even more support for all of your jump lunges and sprints! Let’s start talking leggings now, the Bates leggings are are made with Varley’s Letelux fabric. What exactly does that mean? This legging is going to sculpt you while allowing breathability and flexibility. This look gets bonus points for staying in the neutral color family while still having a fun herringbone print! 

maddy purple varley look


Shop Maddy's Look: Sweatshirt // Leggings **COMING SOON TO THE SITE**


Maddy is wearing the Downing legging and the Manning sweater! The Downing legging is going to be your new go-to. This legging is made from the same material as the Bates which we talked about above so you’ll be sculpted and flexible all class long. Downing also has mesh panels below the back of the new to keep you extra cool; below the mesh panel there are little “v” shapes which are reflective perfect for an evening workout. 


The Manning sweater is perfect to throw on pre or post-workout! Spring weather can be a little cooler in the morning or evening which means Manning needs to be your next closet addition, it adds another layer without being too heavy. Also, the back is a little longer than the front for added coverage and side zips make sizing adjustable. Both Manning and Downing come in a soft purple color flattering for any skin tone!

megan pink varley look 


 Shop Megan's Look: Sports Bra // Leggings

Megan is looking stylish in the Agnes bra and Everett legging! Pink seems to be huge this Spring but if bright pink makes you a little nervous this soft pink look is for you. The Agnes bra is great for when you want something fitted but provides a little more coverage than your average sports bra. It doesn’t provide as much support as the Gale sports bra so Agnes would be great for lighter intensity workouts. 


The Everett legging differs from Bates and Downing because it is made with Varley’s Essentials fabric. This fabric is thicker than the Letelux so if you like feeling covered or want higher compression Everett is made for you. Since the fabric is thicker you won’t have to worry about anything showing through this light pink color! Also, this legging has a back pocket perfect for a card or key. 



 Places We Workout 


Spring is the perfect time to try a new workout class! Here are a few places we like to get our sweat on: 

  1. Daily Method, Emma is one of our fave instructors and her barre/spin class will get your heart rate up while sculpting your muscles!
  2. Orange Theory, the 90 minute class on Sunday will surely kick you booty into high gear after indulging over the weekend!
  3. Yogapod, the podFIT class is great if you want to combine yoga with strength training!



Smoothie Recipe 


Fueling up after your workout is so important! Here are a few recipes we enjoy: 

  1. Pink Yogurt Smoothie
  2. Blueberry Banana Smoothie
  3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie  


Oat Ball Recipe 


Oat balls are great for a pre workout snack; they’ll keep you full and your energy up so you can get through your entire class! Here are some recipes we like: 

  1. Carrot Cake
  2. Raspberry Coconut
  3. Apple Oat 


Come See Us In Store or Shop All Athletic Online!!

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Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016

Her pieces are handmade, and thanks to her passion for natural and vintage elements, no two are alike. Meet jewelry designer Neely Phelan.

Neely Phelan, from Phelan’s Bio

Our Love Story

It should come as no surprise that Memphis-born designer Phelan quickly captured the heart of Miriam's owner (and fellow Southern lady) Kris Budde. When asked why, here’s what Kris has to say:

“[Neely] is a talented and hard-working mother of three with a bubbly vibe. Her jewelry is different and cool - at Miriam's we love finding original pieces and can’t resist vintage elements. Neely’s designs are earthy but blingy at the same time.”

Neely Phelan's Jewelry styled by Miriam's Boutique in Colorado

It’s true that Phelan is quite adept at blending natural elements and touches of sparkle. In her most recent designs, we fell for pieces with iridescent abalone from the sea, arrowheads made of jasper and quartz, and dramatic black buffalo horn. Sweeten the deal with a few vintage lockets, rhinestones, and statement tassels, and we’re absolutely cuckoo for her designs.

While her presence is remarkably strong in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, Miriam's is proud to be the only boutique in Colorado to carry Neely Phelan’s unique jewelry at this time.

Is Neely Phelan Right for You?

In the last year, Neely Phelan jewelry has made appearances in magazines ranging from InStyle to Cosmo, from Nylon to the cover of Pregnancy. To us, this is a testament to her jewelry’s diversity - it appeals to women in all walks of life, with a variety of lifestyles and personal tastes.

Neely Phelan jewelry is easy to care for and to wear. We love her brass coin and tassel statement earrings with your favorite black dress, as shown above. Her arrowhead statement necklace is a perfect fit for simply designed pieces like our Jack Meets Kate fitted white Blake dress. Owner Kris Budde has been known to style the simple horn earrings and the quartz arrowhead earrings casually, with sweatshirts and graphic tees. Neely Phelan’s designs have a place in every closet - pick your favorite piece of jewelry and share a photo with us with the hashtag #Miriams for a chance to be featured on our website!

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Thursday, Mar 24, 2016

Black Orchid Denim - Available at Miriam's

It’s A Love Story

Black Orchid is Miriam's’s one and only denim line, and let us just tell you - it has earned its place in our small but mighty shop. From ‘Stay Black’ denim that never fades to Liquify fabric that contours your bottom half (more on that later), Black Orchid won our hearts for so many reasons.

On a trip to market, we were stopped in our tracks by the super soft fabric. We stayed when we met Stacy, a petite ball of fire who works with Black Orchid’s designer Julien Jarmoune. Stacy talked a big game, advertising this as a denim line that not only fit body types as diverse as Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian, but looked bow-chicka-wow-wow on both.

Fast forward six months, and we are utterly convinced. Black Orchid fits real women with real shape, doesn’t gap above the backside, and retains its softness and shape with the kind of will power we only dream of having. Our most discerning clients - girls that have been on first dates with dozens of denim lines in their life - say Black Orchid is the real deal. 

How We Styled Our Black Orchid Denim - Shop Miriam's

What is Black Orchid?

Launched in 2008 by Parisian designer Julien Jarmoune, Black Orchid is a classic yet modern line that appeals to women of all ages. Julien believes fit is of paramount importance, and creates luxe fabrics that say comfort isn’t an option.

From Black Orchid’s website -

“Taking inspiration from the Black Orchid flower, a universal symbol of love, luxury, beauty, and perfection, Julien sought to infuse his Parisian sophistication with the casual luxe vibe of downtown Los Angeles.

What is “Liquify” fabric?

Liquify fabric blends lush Italian denim with T400 fabric and lycra to sculpt the body. This combo ensures that your new favorite pair of jeans will keep its shape and never sag or bag out! These are the jeans you want in your suitcase for a weeklong trip to handle date night and kid chasing without having the urge to toss your jeans in the dryer.

Why Should You Believe Us?

You can take our word for it, Black Orchid is worth the leap of faith. Go ahead and try our denim for yourself - we recommend ordering a size down. [Questions? Contact us here.] In case you need convincing, here’s some inspiration. Black Orchid Denim is:

  • Endorsed by bloggers Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary, Sheryl Luke of Walk in Wonderland, and Nichole Ciotti of Vanilla Extract.

  • Popular with celebs in denim like Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, Halle Berry, Olivia Palermo, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • Featured by magazines including Allure, InStyle, Glamour, and People.

So go ahead and buy the jeans - and start your love affair. <3

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